The Wonderland Nursery School is a family program of child and adult activities: a cooperative workshop in human relations where parents, children and teachers learn to live, work and play together. Each group represents a spectrum of ethnic and experimental backgrounds and many members have a particular skill or talent or enthusiasm to contribute to make a successful cooperative program.

At Wonderland Nursery School, children have a chance to explore the world around them through first-hand experiences. A wide variety of materials and activities are provided for this purpose: playground and climbing structures to define and exercise large muscles; puzzles and small toys to develop small muscles and coordination; blocks and housekeeping areas to provide occasions for replaying life situations; music, arts and handicraft facilities to offer cultural experiences. Along with these are special activities – cooking projects, science projects, field trips, interesting visitors, etc. to further broaden the base of each child’s experience.

We offer a variety of class choices

3-year old class

Tuesday, Thursday
(am only)

4-year old class

Monday, Wednesday, Friday
(am or pm)

4-year old 5-day class

Monday through Friday

Meet our teachers

Together, we will form a partnership that will provide your child with a wonderful first school experience.