Wonderland Co-Op Nursery School is a family-based program where parents and children can interact. Wonderland’s goal is to provide a child with an opportunity to participate in activities with children of the same age while having fun learning. Our certified teachers are there to guide the children through these new milestones. Wonderland also instills a great foundation for human relations where parents, children, and teachers learn to live, work, and play together. We have a diverse population with rich ethnic and cultural backgrounds, providing our families the opportunity to share their experiences. By sharing these experiences they are able to ensure the success of this cooperative program.

At Wonderland Nursery School, children have a chance to explore the world around them through first-hand experiences. A wide variety of materials and activities are provided for this purpose. Our playground has climbing structures to help develop a child’s gross motor skills. We also have a wide range of activities and toys to help develop a child’s fine motor skills. We also have housekeeping areas to provide occasions for replaying life situations as well as blocks for developing creative problem-solving skills. To share cultural experiences we have music, arts, and handicraft projects. We also take part in special activities such as cooking projects, science projects, field trips, and community-based visitors. The goal is to further broaden the base of each child’s experience.

We offer a variety of class choices

3-year old class

Tuesday, Thursday
(am only)

4-year old class

Monday, Wednesday, Friday
(am or pm)

4-year old 5-day class

Monday through Friday

Meet our teachers

Together, we will form a partnership that will provide your child with a wonderful first school experience.