We take pride in the openness of our program and the fact that we highly encourage parental involvement.

Ten Major Goals That Guide Our Program

  1. Growing in independence
  2. Learning to give and share, as well as receive affection
  3. Learning to get along with others
  4. Developing self control
  5. Developing non-sexist human roles
  6. Beginning to understand bodies
  7. Practicing large and small motor skills
  8. Beginning to understand and control the physical world
  9. Learning new worlds and understanding others
  10. Developing a positive feeling about their relationship to the world

Daily curriculum for the 3-year olds include:

  • Socialization
  • Following Directions
  • Taking Turns/Sharing With Peers
  • Developing Listening & Language Skills
  • Developing Large & Small Motor Skills
  • Music & Art

Daily curriculum for the 4-year olds include:

Our 4-year old program is based on common core standards, and focuses on kindergarten readiness.

  • Alphabet Book
  • Weekly Reader
  • 100 Day Journal (Question Of The Day)
  • Science Experiments & Cooking Projects
  • Large & Small Motor Skill Activities
  • Developing Listening & Language Skills
  • Writing Skills
  • Calendar
  • Social Studies
  • Music & Art